Condemned Along with you: A Korean Drama for fans of Ro Woon

Condemned Along with you: A Korean Drama for fans of Ro Woon

In Doomed To you, an element of the men reputation try Jang Shin Yu; a successful attorney on a good prestigious attorney that is recruited to be hired to your town Mayor. It’s one particular reduced total of pay, but your tasks are never regarding money you will be making. On the exterior, he turns out he that has all of it. Good looks, a profitable industry, is inspired by an excellent nearest and dearest, a terrific best friend. Could there be one thing wrong that have him? Eh! There are a few anything, such:

  1. A great girlfriend, setup by his mothers who the guy doesn’t like; she features insisting into matrimony.
  2. A condition which is much slower eliminating your. The illness is largely a generations-old curse. Which means you need question, is also this new curse become brought up?
  3. At the same time, they are tormented. As he attempts to bed a bloody give joins his cheek and you may softly caresses his face. However, that is the owner of the brand new soft hands?

¦ The master of the package

A portion of the feminine profile is actually Lee Hong Jo, a good lowly municipal servant. This woman is a careful and you will loyal personnel. However, she’s several trouble.

  1. For one thing, their particular co-specialists dislike their particular.
  2. For another matter, she wants men at the job, however, the guy will not for example their particular. Or rather, he states the guy likes their own, but just just like the one.
  3. Concurrently, this lady has been assigned to the task of getting an establishing demolished. Individuals died in the any sort of accident while on brand new site given that building wasn’t structurally sound. The problem is the building is found on personal assets. The brand new property is belonging to ily and he won’t tear they off!

Jang Shin Yu and you may Lee Hong Jo fulfill each other as the regarding their particular works. He doesn’t intend to make their particular work effortless. He informs her you will find a woman she need to correspond with and when she will get their particular permission so you’re able to destroy the building, he would not stand-in their way. The building is a shaman shrine that was thereon land because Joseon Day and age. Jang Costa Rica kvinnor Shin Yu is for certain the fresh new lady wouldn’t accept.

As soon as the woman meets Lee Hong Jo she believes so that the structure getting shed. There is certainly no disagreement or assertion. Jang Shin Yu is totally shocked through this and check outs the latest lady myself to ask their own Why. The newest female’s effect are: “The owner of the box will be here”. Box. What Field??

¦ A past Lifestyle Connection

As it happens there clearly was a box which had been buried near brand new shaman’s shrine. They belonged so you’re able to a female who was simply good shaman, and also the package contained a text from means. The shaman was a genuine person named Aeng Cho, and she had written the publication.

In the past lifestyle, Jang Shin Yu is actually Jang Mu Jin , a wealthy younger nobleman who fell in love with a beneficial shaman. Inside her previous life, Lee Hong Jo is Aeng Cho , the newest shaman. It absolutely was a forbidden connection you to definitely finished tragically.

But these is the past few years and during this time period normally Jang Shin Yu and you will Lee Hong Jo provides a relationship that endures? The new woman who offered their own acceptance so you’re able to kill the shaman shrine advised Jang Shin Yu there try a connection between him and Lee Hong Jo. She said that their destinies cannot end up being cut . If or not tragedy or pleasure, he had been destined to getting along with her.

  • Jang Shin Yu | Jang Mu Jin (played by the Ro Woon, “The Kings’ Affection”; “Tomorrow”)
  • Lee Hong Jo | Aeng Cho (starred because of the Jo Bo Ah)

Viewership and you may Get:

  • IMDb Get: 8.0 of 10 superstars

My personal get is a bit piece higher. Condemned Along with you deserves nine regarding 10 superstars. Area of the letters while the help cast most of the work very well to each other to help make the land interesting. Including, I favor a sequence in which the episode ends up which have a beneficial “hook” and that means you simply have to know very well what will come second. Destined With you overcome which storytelling techniques.

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