By doing relative studies concerning criteria, it is concluded that several standards involve in selecting a right lover

By doing relative studies concerning criteria, it is concluded that several standards involve in selecting a right lover

During the first eyes, different this new requirements off choosing can make this action hard however, considering the basic conditions makes it easy. The first sounding conditions resembles this new traits, stability and you will viewpoints that is far more green and you can enduring, the following you’re associated with the look, economic conditions and you may hobbies etc that’s quicker renewable and you will long lasting, correctly, we are able to term the original class since “top conditions” together with second one while the ” supplementary conditions”. In the event the young people discover that they need to insist upon the key standards and you may focus on the main and you may lasting requirements having interior aspect to your supplementary you to definitely which have exterior aspect, they’re able to make logical choice (2). Those people who are productive during the scientific areas and need a research-situated existence had most readily useful like a friend with the exact same interest and ability so as to cope with the new restrictions and problems in life, updates such challenges requires cognition, ability and you can interest. Those who want to load the good commitments later on and you may drive their existence into the evolutions and changes, anticipates their companion to provide a give; thus he should select a health-related, good and you may meaningful partner (12). One of the most fundamental social behavior try ily and and make an endeavor to preserve it, this new youth, particularly the university students who will be the main capitals and working push away from people, and development of country is determined by efforts and you will persistence off they and on others hands, really students are at matrimony years and partner opting for. According to the statistics of the Providers having Civil Subscription, the wedding ages enhanced recently and the rates of divorce or separation was in fact rising most in order for in the 1390, the world seen 874792 cases to own marriage and you can 142841 cases to possess breakup as well as the proportion off wedding in order to divorce proceedings reduced out of nine/8 in 1383 in order to 6/one in 1390 (13), which implies the latest bad thoughts from teens to help you relationship and you will inappropriate choosing. Hence, as a result of the daterer Afghan damer matrimony and you will examining the advice away from people might help reduce the speed off divorce proceedings while increasing the preference to acquire hitched and you can follow the best standards for selecting a partner.

2. Expectations

Today’s studies lined up to search for the conditions of choosing a best partner in the perspective of your own solitary youngsters away from Semnan School from Scientific Sciences while in the 2011-2012 and also to present new steps because of the choosing the point of view of the students and also to best the bad feedback and illustrate all of them just the right type of choosing a genuine partner so that individuals usually takes active steps by direction.

3. Material and methods

That it get across-sectional research try did toward unmarried undergraduate children from Semnan University away from Scientific Sciences through the 2011-2012. In order to assess exactly how many samples from inside the a good priples and you can SD of any 30 concerns linked to matrimony requirements which have 99%CI, 2% Reliability and you will step 1.5 consequences, how many trials equals each concern where new restriction count try estimated becoming 350 samples. The method away from sampling try quota. In this studies, 350 single university students had been chosen, which the level of children within the each faculty is actually determined opposed for the inhabitants of one’s college students. Just after receiving the fresh recognition from the committee out-of stability of your own university, the newest specialist given out the new forms so you’re able to solitary youngsters attending when you look at the additional classes, making clear the purpose of the study and ensuring the students getting the information being confidential and you may immediately after answering all of them aside, the guy amassed all of them. The brand new researcher-produced questionnaire contains around three bits for example market studies, the fresh new criteria of going for the right lover and 5 open issues. The fresh new point associated with new criteria regarding choosing a partner consists of 30 questions about the brand new considering criteria and you may six questions about the brand new requirement for preily fulfillment, consultation having family members, loved ones while others based on the views out-of college students and you will students ranked them since the extremely important, almost essential and less extremely important. In the end, 5 inquiries assigned to the amount of education, many years variation, industry, the very first circumstances to get partnered therefore the ideal hindrance. Brand new authenticity of your own survey are examined and affirmed by the associated faculty with the particular evaluating the content validity; the soundness of your own survey has also been projected from the inner balance for the 20 examples, calculating 75% Cronbach’s leader. So you can improve the fresh new mathematical investigation, brand new scores of 1-cuatro had been allotted to your options off less very important, almost essential, essential and also crucial, correspondingly. After calculating mean and SD, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov take to was utilized to have normalizing studies, t decide to try to have comparing the two separate organizations, Mann- Whitney take to having comparing brand new ordinal answers and Kruskal-Wallis sample getting contrasting more about three independent organizations with ordinal answers within the Sig number of 5% having fun with SPSS 17.

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